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Birch Sweater Kit

Fremskreden | Strikning | 52H | Baby Alpaca

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1.297,00 kr
Normal pris
1.297,00 kr






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Normal pris
1.297,00 kr
Normal pris
1.297,00 kr
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Birch Sweater Kit
Birch Sweater Kit
Birch Sweater Kit
Birch Sweater Kit

The Birch Sweater is an advanced level project that is knitted in several pieces which are then seamed
together: The front and 2 back pieces (right and left). All of the pieces are knitted from the bottom up. Once the pieces are seamed and joined, the sleeve cuffs and neck are added.

The model wears size: M

Kugler: 13-15 x Baby Alpaca

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En broderi-etiket

This project is worked in Baby Alpaca. Fine, luxurious, soft and extremely warm. Baby alpaca is obtained from the youngest alpacas and from the areas of the adult coat where the hair is thinner. The finer the fiber, the higher the quality of the wool. Its enchanting silkiness makes Baby Alpaca garments feel like a hug! On the other hand, it is perfectly suitable for the little ones. Our Baby Alpaca is soft on the skin, breathable, elastic and light. Babies can move freely using alpaca knitted items, such as sweaters, socks, hats, or blankets.}
This project is available in sizes: S [M, L, XL]

Measurements in centimeters:

Back and front side
Width cuff to cuff: 138 [144, 144, 144] cm
Length 71: [71, 72, 73] cm

Measurements in inches:

Back and front side
Width cuff to cuff: 54 1/2 [57, 57, 57] in
Length: 28 [28, 28 1/2, 29) in
The model wears size: M
Birch Sweater Kit
Airing instead of washing goes a long way. Materials like wool are even naturally self-cleaning. Hand-washing is always the gentler option and the one we recommend. Dry the garment flat and let them always dry in the shade. Do not tumble dry. Do not wring.
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